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You have reached the official home page of Blind Dog. Since we have decided to break up the band we’re releasing seven songs here for free download. Listen to the songs by clicking the speaker at the top right corner.

The songs are protected under a Creative Commons license which in this case means that you are free to download the songs, play them at home or on a radio station, burn a CD to give to a friend, put the songs on your website, use in your home movies or in your other film projects, sample a song in part or in whole, make remixes or just use a section to make your own song…

Just remember that this is free and anything you do with the songs should also be free.
If you have any desire to use the songs commercially contact us.

If you write for a fanzines or magazines and want to make an interview you can write to

Do take the time to write something nice in our guestbook before you leave.

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