Blind Dog Live

Why are you quitting?

For the last couple of years (and maybe even longer) it just hasnít been working out. We have all been living in different cities and since Joakim and Thomas have steady jobs (theyíre both teachers) itís been hard to get together. For Joakimís part there has also been a wife and kids entering the picture changing his priorities in life. Blind Dog always was a band were each member was equally important for the sound and for one or two of us to continue with other musicians was never an option.

Can we see you live?

No. Though we loved playing live we simply couldnít keep the band together. A reunion would be like flogging a dead horse. It takes too much energy to try and work with something that hasnít got a future. That energy can come to much better use elsewhere. If a really good offer comes along maybe Ė but I doubt it.

Why the hell did it take you so long to release these last songs?

First the sound engineer that we initially intended to work with got ill and eventually had to take time of from work (it was stress related and heís fine now). After that there were always things coming in our way: people buying houses, going on vacation and so on.

Will you continue to make music?

Thomas is playing with a band called Final Days Society. Tobias is playing in a band called Trunk and is also working on a couple of solo projects. Joakim will take a brake from music indefinitely.

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