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After just over ten years as a band it was about a year ago to this date (July 2008) that Blind Dog decided to quit. Nevertheless we did have a couple of songs and ideas that we didn’t want to throw away. We decided to make one final recording and release the songs for free but due to numerous circumstances we didn’t start recording until May 2008. Adamant that we would get it done here we are finally.

Recordings started on May the 1st at Soundscape studio (well actually the recording machine was broken so we couldn’t start the recordings until the day after). On the 2nd of May we recorded all the drums. Rhythm guitars were recorded the day after and solos on the day after that.
Sound engineers these days were Stefan Isebring and Fredrik Helmersson.
The bass was recorded on the 7th of may and the vocals on two days a couple of days later. This was done with Mikael Sällström as engineer.
The Last song was mostly (all but the drums and bass) recorded at No Water Studio with Stefan Isebring – we’ll get back to that.
The songs were mixed by Mikael Sällström at Sällström Audio (basically in his apartment). Again with the exception for the last song which was mixed at No Water by Mikael and Stefan.
All the songs were then mastered by Mikael.

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Martin Björnlund helped making the cover.
Photos by Mikael Karlsson.

The songs

Riding Alone

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We wanted to start of with something that would get immediate attention and what says hard rock better that good old, plain, annoying feedback. Due to the time constraint we had to make everything pretty basic and this first song is a good example of that. There is a guitar overdub but that’s it. In the mix we added a reverse cymbal that was recorded for the band Lechery. Martin Bengtsson in Lechery was also kind enough to lend us his amplifier since Joakims amp had been stolen half a year prior.
I’ve Escaped You So Far

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Again it’s pretty straight forward stuff – at least as far as the recording is concerned. This song had been around for a couple of years before this. You can check out a video for this song in the videos section. It is just compiled by footage from various, pretty drunk people filming with home video cameras and cell phones but at least it’s colourful and might keep your attention for a while.
Keep Up The Gloss

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The panned guitars in the beginning is obviously something we could never do live since we were a trio. We only played it live once and people didn’t get the break – they though we started over several times. But when you pan the guitar it makes for a nice effect. There’s a bass solo in this one so that Tobias should have a chance to shine on this last recording. Some of you (maybe most of you) might recognise the beginning of the guitar solo – the brilliant solo composed by Robbie Krieger of the Doors that has since appeared in songs by Kiss, Pearl Jam, Entombed and others. We thought it would be fun to include it, again since it was our last chance.
Sleeping Dogs

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A demo version of this song was previously released on a compilation released by Buzzville Records called “Rock and Roll Boulevard Volume 1”. The lyrics have been altered slightly. The vocals in the middle are recorded with a communication radio microphone. The Talk box guitar is played by Tobias on his home made talk box. Granted, it does sound a bit silly but we think it’s fun.

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In this song you’ll hear the only vocal harmonies on this recording. On the other hand there are harmonies almost throughout. It goes from pretty soft to a classic stoner groove.
When The Whole Thing Blows

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This song was actually recorded for the second album “Captain Dog Rides Again” but Thomas didn’t like the drums and Joakim didn’t like the guitars so we skipped it. Maybe for the best. This song needs a heavier sound than we had on that album. The bluesier part at the end of the song is typical for the way that we used to write. We often just kept playing when the song was over and added stuff just to see what would happen while we were still in the mood of that song. Sometime we incorporated what we came up with in the song – like this time.
Help You From Yourself

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We wanted to end with something different as a way to emphasize that this really is the last thing we do. We decided to have Joakim play the bass and Tobias play all the guitars. Since there are a couple of guest musicians on this song it was logistically better to record it at No Water Studio (in Stefan Isebrings basement). The drums and bass were recorded at Soundscape since Thomas and Joakim couldn’t be present for the whole post production. On the 22nd of May Karl Lönn came and played piano and organ on the song and later that evening “The Jeanettes” (Jeanette Bublick and Jeanette Wallmark) recorded the choir. Stefan plays “nyckelharpa” (key fiddle). Christopher Amott chews on a carrot near the end and even ends the song.

That’s it for us.
Thank you so much for listening and making it all worth while all these years. Thanks.

Tobias, Blind Dog 2008-07-08

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